The English Department is housed in the heart of the main school building and is widely involved in whole school activities. We are a team of five full time teachers and our aim is to engage every child with aspects of English in the wider world. With this in mind, units of work and texts are designed to give all students a broad experience of both language and literature.

At key stage 4, we study the AQA specification for both English Language and English Literature with all students being entered for both qualifications.
We use Doddle as a means of both providing homework for both key stages, and for uploading GCSE revision resources for students to work on independently.
At key stage 3, students study a range of non-fiction and fiction texts, and our units include; the study of Shakespeare, gothic literature, science fiction, poetry and the study of language in the
media and advertising.
Literacy skills are a whole school focus, and the English Department is at the forefront of securing and maintaining high standards for all students. In addition, the Accelerated Reader
programme provides readers in years 7 and 8 with an opportunity to develop their reading skills and to encourage a love of reading.
Mrs. C. Russell, Head of English