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Studying Drama at Howden aims to develop learners as an individual as well as a performer. Drama is not just about how theatrical you are, it is about developing positive attitudes, working as part of a team, problem solving and using creativity to succeed. At Howden, we are teaching life skills that all young people will need to use no matter what career they choose in the future.

In drama students learn how to plan, perform and evaluate their performances to improve their quality of performance as well as their confidence. Through this they will learn how to give verbal feedback as well as listen to the advice of others which is an important skill.

The Drama department has a reward system for all students from Years 7-11 where they can achieve Star of the Week for anything from excellent class work, improved confidence or contribution to the department. The winner each week will be tweeted on the school Twitter and they will receive a postcard sent home. At the end of each term all of the winners have the opportunity to win an Oscar and receive a trophy for ‘Star Performer at Howden School’.

The Drama department runs extra-curricular activities where students can further develop their passion and skill for performing. There is also the opportunity for students to be part of a bi-annual trip to London to see a West End show as well as a variety of theatre trips for those studying at GCSE level.

'Theatre is a Science. Theatre is Mathematical. Theatre is a Foreign Language. Theatre is History. Theatre is Physical Education. Theatre is Business. Theatre is Technology. Theatre is taught not because you are expected to perform all through life, but so you will recognise and be sensitive to the world around you. You will have more love, more compassion, more gentleness and more goodness.'

Mrs. C. Zubrzycki, Subject Leader of Drama

Key Stage 3 

Year 7

In Year 7, learners study one hour of Drama each week. They will cover the basic skills of drama and want it means to perform as well as look at how to learn lines for different plays.

At Howden all learners have the opportunity to join Drama club and be part of different shows throughout the year.

Year 8

In Year 8, learners continue to study Drama for an hour each week but now in a lot more depth. They will study key practitioners who have influenced Drama, the work of Shakespeare and the play Blood Brothers in preparation for GCSE.

Talented performers will be able to showcase solo performances and lead the Drama club for Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4 

Year 9

Learners have the option to study either GCSE Drama or BTEC Performing Arts.

These two options give students the chance to choose a specialism, whether they would prefer to study Acting or Musical Theatre.

Learners will begin their course and focus on the core elements of either Acting or Musical Theatre and develop their written understanding of Theatre.

Year 10

Learners taking GCSE Drama will begin the course looking at Devising and creating their own theatre performance, completing this 40% of the course by the end of year 10.

Learners taking Performing Arts will focus on three different Musicals and learn about how these styles have impacted theatre. They will perform in these different styles and complete a coursework log book of evidence.

Year 11

Learners taking GCSE Drama will focus on their set text Blood Brothers, complete a scripted performance and prepare for their written examination which is 40% of the overall GCSE.

Learners taking Performing Arts will complete a scripted performance in groups or individually and will have to create a performance set by the exam board within a set time period.