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Desert Island Discs

Desert Island Discs

Lets imagine you are stuck on a desert island. For your entertainment you can take 8 songs, one book to read and one luxury item

  • 8 songs – why you choose them and what they mean to you
  • 1 favourite song from the list- what makes it your favourite
  • One book for the island- why you chose it to take with you on the island
  • One luxury item- and why you chose it

You could also add:

  • Design an CD/ Album/ Mp3 icon cover for one of your songs
  • Make a musical instrument to play on the island
  • Write you own song
  • Find out where, which places the artists, songs or albums come from


Miss Davies

Lucky- Fluer East. It's a new song about not needing luck but working hard and making opportunities.

Heroes- Alesso. It's a beautiful song about all of us having the world in our hands and being able to do amazing things if we only recognised the power within us.

The Rubber Band Man- The Spinners. I just love this song- it just reminds me of having to bounce back from darkness if you want to walk in the light.

Aint No Mountain High Enough- Marvin Gaye. A classic song about how the world being between people cannot keep them apart; that circumstances can be overcome in the end.

Don’t Stop Believing- Journey. It's my brothers favourite song. He has suffered with depression a lot in his life and he lives in NZ. Listening to this song reminds me of battles we face everyday that no-one sees and gives me hope that even though the world seems a strange place right now as a race humanity is sharing the same worries, hopes, weaknesses and strengths. As horrible as it is Covid 19 unites us and it's something we all understand to a level and helps us all understand each other a little but more.

Children of the Night- Nakatomi Happy Hardore Awesomeness! I loved happy hardcore as a teenager. This song reminds me of being carefree and hopeful of a bright future. It always makes me smile.

Bubbles- Biffy Clyro. I know it has a bit of a darker meaning but it reminds me of playing in the garden chasing bubbles with my children and popping them. It also makes me smile.

Brave Honest Beautiful- Fifth Harmony. I love this song because it makes me feel empowered. I have had too many dark times in my life to talk about or dwell on. It reminds me I am strong and can endure and by doing that I can inspire the people around me to do the same.

I don’t know which my favourite song would be. It depends on the time of day and wind direction haha.

My book would be either Douglas Adams Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency or Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy or any Sam Vimes or Witches books in the discworld series by Terry Pratchett.

My luxury item would be a well fuelled yacht with a safe full of money so I could fuel up whenever I wanted. As long as I have my family I wouldn’t really need anything else. I can start a fire with sticks and know how to survive to a point haha.


Mr Hughes

1: Ed Sheeran: Tenerife Sea
My wedding song! The lyrics this song mean a lot to me and my wife so having it as our first dance was a no brainer!

2: Gerry and the Pacemakers: You'll Never Wall Alone
For obvious reasons!! Lifelong Liverpool fan! Still makes me emotional, and I still sing it as the last song my son hears before bed. Great to see people using this song to remind us to stick together during the current situation! 

3: Journey: Don't Stop Beleiving
This was the anthem for my American football team many years ago. New players had to sing a song on bus during their first away trip, this song was always played to start the singing! 

4: George Ezra: Shotgun
This is the first song my 4 year old learnt to sing. Granted, he then sang it on a loop for weeks but it still makes me smile. 

5. Nat King Cole: Let there be Love
This song was playing while I proposed to my wife. It did it on stage at the theatre during my wife's favourite west end dance production. The cast were in on it and took us onto the stage, timed perfectly with the music! I've put video evidence above if you want to see me attempting to dance before getting down on one knee...

6. Chris Brown - Yo (Excuse me miss)
One of the early songs in my R&B collection, and one that I think shaped the sort of music I would go onto enjoy! I think this album from Chris Brown must have been played about a thousand times...

7. 5ive: Slam Dunk the Funk
The first album I ever purchased with my own money! For those who aren't familiar, 5ive were the 90's boyband that you liked, if you thought you were too cool to like boybands! This song was brilliant!

8. Many other R&B/Rap/Hip-hop tracks that are not suitable for school use :-)

Book: Ed Stafford: Walking the Amazon.
This was a fascinating read and it would be full of useful survival tips too!

Luxury item: Gym Equipment 
Exercise keeps me sane, and with nothing else to do, I'd get into quite good shape...


Mr Hopkin

1. Whole new world from Aladdin as it’s my wedding song

2. Greatest love all- Whitney Houston as me and Connie dance to it all the time in kitchen 

3. Ruby- Kaiser Chiefs- 1st daughters name

4. Mariah Carey- all I want for Christmas- first song me and my wife ever danced to

5. Boys to Men- end of the road- reminds me of my first car as in all the time on CD

6. Billie Eilish- bad girl as it’s our lockdown song

7. Rudimental - feel the love as it was the first song I heard at my first ever festival (v festival 2013)

8. Whoop there it is by tag team- goal celebration from National cup final in 2016 my greatest sporting achievement as a teacher

Book- the decade 10 years that transformed hull city 

Luxury Item- photo of my family 


Mrs Aarosin

Blur – Coffee and TV (sorry Mr Gardiner but I was on team Blur in the 90s!)

The Chemical Brothers – Go (Tune! And a great video)

The Rolling Stones – Get Off Of My Cloud (Classic)

The Electric Prunes – I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night) (I very rarely remember any of my dreams)

Ramones – Loudmouth (I lived in Ramones t-shirts during university! I wore them to lectures, at gigs, in clubs and at work in Music Zone!)

The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City (Just love it)

The Hives – Main Offender (Hard to pick a favourite track by this band because they are truly awesome)

Favourite song:
The White Stripes – Astro (My pure white pet budgie is named after this song! And I used to have it as my alarm tone on my Nokia 3210 for years)

Harry Potter – any of them – I have read the whole series twice through so I would happily read any of the books again in any order.

Luxury item:
Sketchbook and pen - obviously.


Erin Year 9 -

1. Hold Back the River – James Bay 
2. Black Bird – The Beetles 
3. Into the Wild – LP 
4. Secret for the Mad – Dodie 
5. Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol 
6.Dear Best Friend – Jetpack Jay 
7. Together – Ryan O’Shaughnessy
8. You Let Me Walk Alone – Michael Schulute

Hold Back the River – James Bay
This song is really good and has a technical guitar pick progression that I adore! The entire concept of the song is to stop someone crying and make them happier, which is what this song always does to me.
The song has an upbeat chorus and middle eight with an andante introduction and verses and I really like this style.
The line “Tried to keep you close to me, but life got in-between” explains a lot about life and shows how someone who you thought was going to be in your life forever can vanish because of what has happened in life. I think this is why I like this song because it subtly explains life in one line.
“Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes” is also a very kind and somewhat reassuring lyric.

Blackbird – The Beetles
As I play both ukulele and guitar this is an amazing song because its somewhat simple on both instruments. It has a simple and catchy melody and has fun lyrics.
“You were only waiting for this moment to arrive” is really inspirational and shows you that you have your special moment in life and it will be special.

Into the Wild – LP
All songs by LP are amazing and this one stands out as it is upbeat, catchy and very fun. This is a fun song to play on ukulele and I really enjoy the technicality that you can make simple song.
I just really like this song.

Secret for the Mad – Dodie
“I’ve got a secret for the mad, in a little bit of time it won’t hurt so bad, and I get that I don’t get it, but you will burn right now but you won’t regret it” This song also, like the James Bay song, explains life. Some parts of life will be tough but it will be worth it. And this song is really helpful to show that life isn’t as bad as it seems.

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol
This song is just amazing! “Would you lie with me and just forget the world.” In these turbulent times I think a bit of this could be beneficial, lay down, in the garden (obviously 2m away from everyone else) and look at the stars and forget what is going on around you.

Dear Best Friend – Jetpack Jay
A recent find, a different style of music than what I normally listen to. It’s more of a letter being read to a melody.
This song has a lot of hidden resemblances to myself.
“Since you’ve been gone it’s not been easy” …” You make me want to be better, you make me want to work on myself” These lyrics in the song say a lot about the lyricist and also have a lot of resemblance to me. I also enjoy songs that I can relate to and this one hits very close to home with almost every line.

Together – Ryan O’Shaughnessy
This song is sung beautifully and that’s the main reason I love it (the fact it’s an Irish song has nothing to do with my favour towards it). Even though I don’t relate to this song like I do with most, the song has a strong meaning which I really like.
“I thought we’d be together till we die; I’ll forever wonder why” as I write songs myself the latter part of the lyric I use commonly as it leads both myself and the listener into a train of thoughts onto why something did or didn’t happen and that’s really cleave I think. This is also a reason as to why I like the song.

You Let Me Walk Alone – Michael Schlute
This song has such a deep meaning and is sung beautifully. I like songs with deep meanings and if they’re sung well, that’s an added bonus! “Every now and then I’m drawn to places, where I hear your voice or see you face and every little thought it leads me right back to you”

My Book: You Were Gone – Tim Weaver
I would take this book with me because I really enjoy it. I’m not the biggest fan of reading but I would read this book over and over again.
This book is about David Rakers’ (the main character that is in all of Tim Weavers books) wife who eight years previously died of cancer. It’s a brilliant mystery and the plot is constantly changing! It really does leave you until the last page to find out what happens to both David and his late wife.
All of the David Raker series is amazing and there are the only books I would actually sit down to read for fun!

Luxury Item
I would take my saxophone as I can’t really put a saxophone in my instrument. Plus, I need to learn it so it would be a great time to learn how to play more than ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Stars.’


Jasmine Year 11 -

Melovin- under the ladder-
These three songs are the only ones I'd take with me. And who doesn't like a little bit of Eurovision?!
I think I'd take Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix with me to read as that one is so explosive and exciting. 
As a luxury item, I'd bring a sketch book so I could draw my surroundings and perhaps take note of what I see and feel during my time on the island.- Jasmine. A