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The Art Department believes that an art education should-

  • Develop an awareness of the world around us
  • Develop an aesthetic appreciation of the world and respond to it in a visual way
  • Give an insight to other cultures and times, drawing parallels with real life situations
  • Provide opportunities to make individual and personal responses

The learning environment that we create in the department is an important one. It is vital that when students enter the rooms they are surrounded by positive messages about our subject.
Experience has taught us that respect for our surroundings comes from a visual environment which is colourful, exciting, meaningful and one which reflects values and achievement.

'Art enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, problem solving skills, lateral thinking, complex analysis and critical thinking skills. Studying Art can improve your concentration and perseverance. No matter what career you choose, presenting and displaying material in a way that is aesthetically pleasing can have an advantage. Art can have a positive impact on your happiness and well being.'

Mrs. A. Aarosin, Subject Leader of Art

Key Stage 3 

Year 7

Students’ experiences of Art vary significantly from their Primary School settings; therefore students will begin the year by building essential skills and knowledge. They will gradually work towards more creative and personal outcomes as their confidence increases.

Year 8

Students will take through their essential skills and knowledge from Year 7 into more diverse projects which cover more challenging techniques and processes. Students will be introduced to GCSE Art standards and expectations so that they can make informed decisions when it comes to the options process.

Key Stage 4 

Year 9

Students will work on a range of mini projects designed to prepare them for beginning their AQA GCSE Art course. They will experiment with a range of techniques, some of which they did not experience during KS3. Annotation and photography will also be covered to secure the critical knowledge that will be required during the next two years of the course.

Year 10

Students will complete two portfolio projects throughout Year 10 and into Year 11. The portfolio will form 60% of their final GCSE Art grade. Students will be able to show more independence and creativity as their work progresses. Independent learning outside of school will be necessary throughout the course to enable students to complete the quality of work expected to achieve well in Art.

Year 11

Students will end the course by completing their externally set assignment which forms 40% of their final grade. This will consist of an individual project of which the theme is selected by the student from the examination paper. The project ends with a 10 hour examination.  We expect students to work independently and to choose a suitable theme which will allow them to produce a personal, thoughtful and meaningful outcome.