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The world of business has changed and today globalisation is the new normal. Whether you are planning to start your own business or want to learn more about the world of work, studying business can open a world of possibilities to you.

What do I need to know, or be able to do, before taking this course?

It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied Business prior to taking this course. You might have an interest in business, or want to start your own business one day. You may have an enquiring mind and be interested in learning about the world around you. You may wonder how businesses are set up or what it is that makes someone a great entrepreneur. This course will help you to understand all this and more.

What will I learn?

Whilst studying the first two units of the course, you will learn about creating a business proposal. You will undertake market research, learn how to present data and understand finance. You will develop your communication skills and present your business proposal to an audience and create a brand identity to promote your product. The skills and knowledge you will gain from doing this will equip you to build upon your business journey for the exam at the end of year 11.

'Business Studies has always been a popular subject choice at Key Stage 4. The skills learnt in this subject are directly relatable to the workplace and key to success in Industry. Throughout the course we ensure students have an authentic learning experience where they are encouraged to research small and global businesses. We encourage all our students to take a key role within the subject to develop the necessary skills needed for life after school, including problem solving, team work and analytical skills.'

Mrs S Hudson, Business and Vocational Lead

Key Stage 3 

Y8 Lifelong Learning in Enterprise

Students in Y8 study a course on Enterprise as part of their life long learning journey. Students complete a mini project which involves them researching, designing and costing a new trendy trainer. The topics covered are;

Enterprise and entrepreneurs

Surveys and market research

Graphs and charts – gathering and presenting data

Product design ideas – trainers


Preparing and delivering presentations

Key Stage 4 


OCR National in Enterprise and Marketing

 RO68 Design a business proposal (Live assignment starts at the end of Year 9)

Student will create and cost a business proposal. Student will undertake market research, customer profiling, questionnaire design and presenting data, product design and finance including break even and profit. This will be typed up on a computer which will enhance their IT skills. (Coursework 1 - 30%)

RO69 Market and pitch a business proposal (Year 10)

For the second piece of coursework students will prepare and pitch their own business proposal. Develop brand identity, product life cycle, promotion and pricing strategies ready to pitch their proposal. Students will develop their communication skills and present to a professional audience. (Coursework 2 - 30%)

R067 Enterprise and marketing concept (External exam end of Year 11 – 40%)

Characteristics, risk and reward for enterprise

Market research to target a specific customer

What make a product financially viable?

Creating a marketing mix to support a product

Factors to consider when starting up and running an enterprise

Students get the opportunity to visit business and have guest speakers coming into school throughout the course.

Extra curricular

Enterprise Club (Years 7-11)

Students learn about running a business and have opened a school shop during lunchtime, selling stationary such as pens, rubbers, rulers and key rings. Friendship photo key rings are popular with students, as are the themed events that run throughout the year at Christmas, Valentines and Easter.

Students learn to source materials and make up the products which teaches them about production and quality control process. They then have to sell the products and prepare accounts to calculate profit. Students donate the profits between the schools 5 house Charities.