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Howden School

Howden School


Students will be set online tasks via the platform Seneca. The tasks contain short segments of information to pre-read and students will be directed to complete interactive quizzes based on the information they have been given. Many of the tasks involve short videos and the text speed can be adjusted to support different reading abilities. Tasks will be selected based upon the needs of the class. Tasks will be either Pre-learning, Follow-up or Recall & Revise. Pre-learning tasks are set to support what will be taught later in class, Follow-Up  tasks recap what has just been taught and Recall & Revise tasks will be based on topics previously covered.


This is the link to the Seneca website.  

When students create their account, they should have used their school email address. They only need one account, so if they have created an account for another subject they will use this for all subjects issuing work via Seneca.   If students ever forget their password in future, they can then request a password reset via the Seneca website, which will be sent to your school email account.  Students will then need to join their class by clicking on “Join Class” and entering the Class Code from their teacher.  Always use your name, not nicknames.

Seneca can be accessed via school computers, tablets, home PCs and smart phones. If you there are any issues accessing Seneca from home, Science teachers can discuss how to best access the work