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Howden School

Howden School


The ERP Room

The ERP Room has been specially designed to be a versatile environment which caters for all the needs of students on the Spectrum to give them an area in which they feel comfortable in.


A large work table for students to use for both completing any work that can’t be done within the classroom. This also doubles as an eating area for students to use during break and lunch times to allow them to eat and socialise in an area without crowds.

Computers and Laptops are available for students to use within the ERP to use to complete classwork and homework should they not be able to complete this in lessons.

We have a comfy seating area for students to use for socialising, reading and relaxing along with a quiet reading area and a calm corner. We have a tent for sensory regulation in the main ERP room along with other sensory areas.

We have made our ERP as diverse as possible for the needs of our Students, as one size does not fit all. It is important that this environment is a place student’s feel they have no judgement and it is there safe space. In the interventions we try to ensure that these young people have the tools to be resilient and flourish in their learning and development.