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Office 365

Office 365
Teams - (Optional desktop download. A web version can be found in the Office 365 link above)


Parents Evening - Bookings


Arbor link


Accelerated Reader
Dynamic Learning
Maths - MathsWatch
Maths - MyMaths
Maths - Just Maths
MFL - Duolingo
MFL - Linguascope
MFL - Memrise
MFL - Vocab Express
MFL - WordReference
National Citizen Service

Year 11 Revision Links



  • All pupils have a log in to they have a unique username and password. The school code is UKHOWD. They should be using this daily for 5-10 minutes IN ADDITION to other revision. If you click forgot password we are notified or message teachers in Teams for logon details.
  • Pupils should be using the Intermediate area.  The username is howden and the password is the same for all pupils.  (We are not allowed to post the password publicly) but please ask your teacher for it or email 

Religious Studies:

GCSE Religious Studies - Edexcel - BBC Bitesize

Pupils can then select Christianity and Islam.

  • Christian modules to select:
  • Christian Beliefs
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Living the Christian Life
  • Peace and Conflict
  • Muslim modules to select:
  • Muslim Beliefs
  • Marriage and the Family
  • Living the Muslim Life
  • Matters of Life and Death


Musical Futures.

Go to and click on "Log in" at the top right-hand corner.

  • Username: student-hs
  • The password is the same for all pupils.  (We are not allowed to post the password publicly) but please ask your teacher for it. and Kahoot! - search for "BTEC Music Unit 1:

  • The music industry". This will bring up the specific courses which will support them in their revision for the Unit 1 exam.



Free Homework & Revision for A Level, GCSE, KS3 & KS2 (

BBC bitesize - GCSE Food:

GCSE Home Economics: Food and Nutrition (CCEA) - BBC Bitesize

Design Technology:

All students have a personalised log in and are attached to a class. Assignments are set by the teacher and can be checked in real time.


A wealth of information to aid revision with interactive quizzes and apps that can be downloaded.

GCSE Design and Technology - AQA - BBC Bitesize

Interactive revision with videos and instant answer quiz’s.


GCSE Art and Design - BBC Bitesize

AQA | Art and Design | Subject content | Fine art


Cambridge Nationals I.T. Exam Playlist (R012) - YouTube

This playlist goes through every section of the exam in detail.

Enterprise and marketing:

Cambridge Nationals (


GCSEPod: information about how to log in has been sent out through Teams and via email

GCSE Bitesize - for both Language and Literature revision:

Mr Bruff's YouTube channel:

Get Revising:


BBC Bitesize: Great set of notes and some quick 10 question tests. Make sure you go to GCSE, Edexcel

Time for Geography: An excellent selection of 2 to 3 minute videos on a range of topics from the course.

Seneca: Your homework is here under assignments, but you can also access any part of the course whenever you like.

Edexcel - The exam boards web site.  Make sure you look for GCSE Geography A

Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography A Revision Guide - ISBN 13 - 978-1292133775
Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Geography A Revision Workbook - ISBN 13 - 978-1292133737


Seneca Learning - OCR GCSE PE (plenty of topic lessons and short tests)
BBC GCSE Bitesize - OCR GCSE PE (simplified information on all the topics) 


BBC Bitesize - History - Edexcel - Elizabeth I, Vietnam

Oak Academy - KS4 - History - Medicine

Oak Academy - KS4 - History - Elizabeth I


Most Y11 students have made an account using their school email address. If you forget your password, when you try to log on, click the password reset link. You will get a password reset link sent to your school email address.

This site has excellent resources, including videos and sample exam questions and mark schemes for each topic. Make sure you select AQA as the exam board. If you are Combined Science, look for this as the subject. Triple Scientists should access the Biology/ Chemistry/ Physics tabs.

Short revision videos for each exam paper, clear, concise and well organised.

Sports Studies:

Revision resources can be accessed via the following links:


Knowledge Organisers


Remote Access - If you require remote access, please contact the IT Helpdesk to setup your access.
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