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Howden School

Howden School

Well Being and Mental Health Support

This page also provides links to websites that provide information and support for parents and carers including:

-  Young Minds - Coronavirus and mental health support
-  Childline – Tips to cope/ Calm Zone
-  Thirteen
-  Kooth

Useful websites and contact details:

Young Minds is a UK charity for children and young people’s mental health.
The website includes a section on Coronavirus advice and mental health support. It includes Tips and guidance on where you can get support during the pandemic.
· Supporting your child during the transition out of lockdown
· Supporting your child as they return to school
· Supporting your families wellbeing
· Supporting your child with grief and loss
· Accessing mental health support and treatment for your child during the pandemic
· Supporting your child to comply with restrictions
· Finding more information and support


call: 0800 1111

Childline is a service there to give young people a voice. Whatever the problems or dangers they are facing it’s a place for support.
Update: Because of the coronavirus, we’ve had to make some changes to how Childline works. For now you can only speak to a Childline counsellor online or on the phone 9am-midnight.

On this page
· What is coronavirus?
· Tips to cope with social distancing during lockdown
· Help if you're worried
· Worries about school
· If you're feeling unwell
There is also a Calm Zone to support anxiety and stress


This is a local East Riding support network that accesses a variety of services including:
· Emotional Health
· Physical Health

There are also sections on bullying, LGBTQ, Boys and young men, crime, exploitation, drugs and much more.

They will give you all the information and contact details to support you getting the right help.


This is a local East Riding free online safe and anonymous mental health & wellbeing support (age 11-25)